I've been working in film for 25 years.  Throughout that time I've been both a generalist and specialist, working as an editor, 3D animator, visual effects artist, post-production supervisor, colorist and director.  I was mentored in college by the very talented cinematographer and director, Mike Rivard.  Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with a motley assortment of directors that include Dario Argento, Prince, Steven Soderbergh, Shawn Christensen, Josh Sternfeld and Ben Stiller.  My goal is to some day get them all in the same room just to see what would happen.

As a colorist my closest collaborators are often cinematographers, many of whom I count as close friends and work with often.  David McLain, Daniel Katz, Trevor Tweeten, have consistently created work that is brilliant and ground breaking.  They inspire me and challenge me.  In it's purest form and it's best, I see my colorist work simply as a continuation of their cinematography.

In 1999 I met the world-renown National Geographic photographer David McLain on a series of interactive documentary expeditions.  We traveled the world together, found new ways of collaborating and co-founded Merge, a boutique production company that specializes in commercial work and recently, a feature length documentary about the ball called Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World Play.

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY with my two cats Pico and Ocki and have been teaching filmmaking to visual effects students at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan since 2001.